Latest Trail Conditions

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Mule Mtn Pass Trail into Whiskeytown open 10/02/15
Canal Trail Needed thinning of brush; otherwise open. 10/02/15
Brandy Creek Trail (Ice Box 1) open, watch for hikers. 10/02/15
Peltier Trail (Recliner) open 10/02/15
Rich Gulch (Chimney) open. 10/02/15
Kanaka Peak open 10/02/15
Kanaka Cut off (Taco Stand) needs some brush trimming, otherwise open 10/02/15
Satans Crack open 10/02/15
Shasta Mine Loop open 10/02/15
Clear Creek Vista needs some brush thinning, otherwise open 10/02/15
Boulder Creek unknown 03/05/16
Papoose Trail Unknown 03/30/14
Salt Gulch (Couch) rideable but slippery on wet leaves 03/01/16