About Redding Mountain Biking

It is the purpose of Redding Mountain Biking to promote the sport of Mountain Biking through an organizational establishment that will provide a weekly group ride, varying in the degree of difficulties to encourage both beginner and advanced riders out on the trails, along with establishing a base of riders for the purpose of trail advocacy. We will seek to maintain existing trails, and within legal limits establish new trail systems. We do not advocate altering or making new trails with out the permission of landowners. Redding Mountain Biking will never purposely make any rider feel inadequate due to their abilities.

The Redding Mountain Biking club membership will be open to all who apply and maintain their membership dues, and governmental positions within the club will be open to any who qualify and are voted in.

We get together on Saturdays, pick a trail to ride, take pictures, get to know the other riders and leave no one behind! The pictures are sometimes posted on our website for viewing. (If you do not want your picture posted please let us know.)

Although as with anything, there are some riders who are faster than others. We help encourage everyone to improve, however, no one is looked down upon for being a little slower. We encourage new riders on several rides each month and while all trails are not suitable for all abilities we do our best to accommodate everyone.

NOTE: We do require helmets on all of our rides, for your safety and we ask anyone who rides with us to respect the trails, other trail users and each other. Attitudes that make someone else feel uncomfortable due to their ability will not be tolerated.