Trail Work

As a member of Redding Mountain Biking Club, you are helping to maintain the trails in this area. Your membership money goes directly back into our trails, and we can’t think of a better way to get our trails whipped into shape than by having you let us know when you discover a problem. We will put it on the list below, and when we fix it, it will be shown as completed. So, off we go.

If you know of a trail with a trouble area, let us know and we will put it on our agenda.

Brandy Creek Falls (Lower Ice Box) In the section above the bridge where the pond used to be, the trail is rutted out, from improper drainage, needs to be fixed, out-sloped. COMPLETE
Clikapudi (Advanced Trail) The whole trail needs to be brushed, and the tread revamped. There are also some sections that are too out-sloped that need some build up. COMPLETE
Clear Creek Canal This is the “Gorge of Death” as we refer to it. This section is really troublesome as nobody can ride it anymore, and hike a bike sections are not real popular. We need to get Whiskeytown approval for a re-route. COMPLETE
Kanaka Peak This trail was destroyed in the fire. Whiskeytown trail crew will be tackling this project soon. Redding Mountain Biking Club will be helping on a volunteer basis. COMPLETE
Mule Mountain The area we are concerned about is the switchback that is above the last (or first depending on if you are going up or down) creek crossing. The BLM bulldozer went through there and it has never been the same. A re-route and new switchback will get us having fun through that section again. COMPLETE
Meiners Loop The section needing work is on the “Wintu” trail, where it crosses the creek and joins up with the “Meiners Trail”. There is a rock outcropping that needs to be “less aggressive”. COMPLETE